Privacy Policy


We gather basic Internet Protocol details from every connection to our website. This data is used to monitor our server for security reasons and statistics gathering for marketing purposes.

Cookies may be used in conjunction with sessions started by the end-user when accessing certain parts of our website.

In the event of any type of registration or subscription to newsletters, visitor’s may be required to provide their name and e-mail address.

Third Parties

Other than hired or paid server administrators, website developers, security personnel, and statistics gatherers, information may or may not be shared with affiliates. E-mail addresses are subject to our advertisements and that of our affiliates, though Internet courtesy dictates that visitors may opt out of any such advertisements by contacting us for removal.


This website may utilize any number of advertising methods and applications to further our marketability and site revenue.

Google uses cookies in conjunction with their advertising program. Please see Google’s own privacy policy for updated information regarding their ads.