Material Profile

 Charity Shoes and Clothing, LLC is interested in contributing to your organization by purchasing on a continual basis the following items:

  • Wearable Paired Shoes
    • Note: No single shoes accepted
  • Wearable Clothing (Large Bales, Small Bales, and Bags)
  • Wearable Baseball Style Caps
  • Belts, Purses, Backpacks, Wallets, and Duffel Bags
  • Stuffed Animals and Hard Toys
  • Metal Pots, Pans, Utensils, Serving Dishes, Knickknacks

Our mission at Charity Shoes and Clothing is to distribute wearable, affordable shoes and clothing to third world countries and divert millions of pounds of refuse from our landfills each year. With your help we can successfully persevere in this mission.

Shoes should include wearable men’s, women’s, and children’s (no holes, stains or singles). They must be paired with rubber bands and/or by tying the laces together. We do not accept skates of any kind and/or metal cleats. You will be provided with reusable 30 x 45 inch polyurethane shoe bags, ties and rubber bands. These bags should be used for shoes. Each bag holds approximately 60 lbs.

Clothes, belts, purses, ball caps and stuffed animals should be placed in separate garbage bags. Articles of clothing should include spring and summer pieces that are fresh, clean, lightly worn, and fashionable.

We will accept metal and wood kitchenware. This should include pots, pans, lids, bowls, dishes, cutlery, utensils, kettles, skillets, serving equipment, cups, chopping boards, ice buckets, candle/serviette holders, and decorative items. Pots and pans can be coated with Teflon. These items can be placed in our reusable polyurethane shoe bags. We do “not” accept glass or plastic items, electrical/gas appliances or any wooden items other than kitchenware. Dirty kitchenware should be excluded.

Once you have accumulated enough shoes, clothing, and other items to fill a 28′ or 53′ trailer, we will send a reliable freight carrier to pick up your commodity. All of this is provided at no charge to your facility.

We process your payment the minute we confirm the weight of your products. In many cases, payment is mailed within 5-10 business days.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with your organization. Please call or email our office at your earliest convenience to discuss this further.

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